CCTV Overview

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has become an essential tool in the fight against crime and to protect people and property. With advancements in Digital Technology, high quality images are now achievable making accurate identifications possible. CCTV cameras vary in design, size and performance. Choosing the correct camera for your specific requirements needs careful consideration.
In recent years crime in Retail and Commercial Businesses has intensified: till snatches, shop lifting, break-ins and assault are all on the increase. CCTV is now commonplace in most environments with a vast array of equipment available. As a professional installation company, we can provide the best solutions to meet your requirements and budget.


Displaying CCTV clearly within business premises or private property will act as a visual deterrent to anyone considering committing a crime, whether pre-meditated or on impulse.
Second Pair Of Eyes
Whether you have a blind spot in a shop or are suspicious of a member of staff a well positioned camera can provide you with piece of mind.
Early Warning System
Through the use of alarms and sensors, cameras can now move and zoom in on an alarm activation alerting you to an incident or an intruder you may otherwise have missed.
Remote Monitoring
You no longer need to be at your premises to see what is going on. It is now possible to view and control your cameras over the internet. You can also let others watch over your premises 24 hours a day via a central monitoring station.
Using the latest high end digital video recorders, images can be stored or archived to provide evidence for prosecution.



Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

DVRs replaced the video recorder, they are a stand-alone processing unit where all the cabling from the cameras are terminated. Data is stored onto varying sizes of Hard Drives enabling months of continuous recording. Stand-alone DVR’s can vary in size from 1 to 68 + camera inputs.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

Unlike the DVR, an NVR position does not need  in the same area as your cameras cabling. The unit can be placed virtually anywhere, it simply just needs to be on the same LAN network as the IP based cameras. A network video recorder is distinct from digital video recorders as their input is assigned on a network rather than a direct connection to a video capture card. Video on a DVR is encoded and processed at the DVR, while video on an NVR is encoded and processed at the camera, then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing. An NVR is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware. However, the software is typically run on a dedicated device, usually with an embedded operating system

Remote Monitoring

Due to the advance in smart phone technology many customers opt to monitor their own property. All the systems we install can be viewed and controlled over the internet

We also supply centrally monitored systems where events on your site can be monitored 24 hours a day remotely and operators can act on adverse events and inform you or the police immediately.


It is important that we choose the correct type of camera for each specific installation as the specifications of CCTV cameras vary enormously. We select cameras and lenses that offer the best quality picture for your specific situation.
Many types of lens can be used to complement the camera and many advanced options let the installation technician change the settings to best suit the environment in which they are placed. In outside locations these cameras are fitted in larger, heated housings.

Dome Cameras
A camera that is encased in a spherical housing is classed as a dome camera. There are a number of advantages over the traditional camera, they are less likely to be vandalized, look more discreet and, importantly, they hide the angle and position of the camera they contain. Dome cameras are quickly becoming the number one choice for shops, pubs and schools.

Bullet Cameras
Bullet Cameras tend to have fixed lenses that do not require manual focusing and are manufactured in many styles. Usually waterproof and optimized for exterior use, they are a suitable and low cost choice for most domestic properties and some small businesses. They also come equipped with IR illumination.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) Cameras
Allow the user to control the exact position of the camera. They also have the ability to zoom in and out via a computer or joystick mechanism. The application of such devices is wide ranging from schools to shopping centres.

Covert Cameras
These miniature cameras can be hidden in every day commercial and domestic objects. Covert cameras tend to be used where there is a requirement to achieve particular objectives, for example hiding a camera in a stock room will help catch rogue employees.

Wildlife Cameras

We supply and fit CCTV cameras for watching wildlife.


We Supply and fit battery operated, motion activated cameras with built in storage for remote sites.